Friday, August 22, 2014

Chain Reactions! Endicott Library Teen Program!

We had a great group of teenage girls for our Teen Program this week! They were given lots of items to use to create their own chain reaction. They had to work together and use their problem solving and physics skills to accomplish their plan. And....they had to start over several times. But it was fun and I think they learned a lot!


We had great participation and discussions at our book club last night! Feel free to join us next month as we discuss the book
"The Red Badge of Courage" by Stephen Crane.
September 18 @ 7:00 PM.
(I have plenty of copies set aside at the library.)
After the failure of his 1st novel, Maggie, Crane found inspiration for a 2nd while lounging in a friend's studio having a portrait painted. He became fascinated with issues of the Century largely devoted to famous battles & Civil War military leaders. Frustrated with dryly written stories, he stated, "I wonder that some of those fellows don't tell how they felt in those scraps. They spout enough of what they did, but they're as emotionless as rocks." Eventually the idea of writing a war novel overtook him. He would later state that he "had been unconsciously working the detail of the story out thru most of his boyhood" & had imagined "war stories ever since he was out of knickerbockers."
During an unnamed battle, 18-year-old private Henry Fleming survives what he considers to be a lost cause by escaping into a nearby wood, deserting his battalion. He finds a group of injured men in which one of the group, the "Tattered Soldier", asks Henry, who's often referred to as "The Youth", where he's wounded. Henry, embarrassed that he's whole, wanders thru the forest. He ultimately decides that running was the best thing, & that he's a small part of the army responsible for saving himself. When he learns that his battalion had won the battle, Henry feels guilty. As a result, he returns to his battalion & is injured when a cannon operator hits him in the head because he wouldn't let go of his arm. When he returns to camp, the other soldiers believe he was harmed by a bullet grazing him in battle. The next morning he goes into battle for a 3rd time. While looking for a stream from which to attain water, he discovers from the commanding officer that his regiment has a lackluster reputation. The officer speaks casually about sacrificing Henry's regiment because they're nothing more than "mule drivers" & "mud diggers". With no regiments to spare, the general orders his men forward. In the final battle, Henry becomes one of the best fighters in his battalion as well as the flag bearer, finally proving his courage as a man.


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tween/Teen Party @ the Endicott Library!

Tuesday, August 19, 6-7 PM.

Teens ages 11-16 join us at the Endicott Library for chain reaction fun! Enjoy a snack, design a Rube Goldberg Machine, and learn how to cobra weave popsicle sticks!
Snacks are provided by the Friends of the Endicott Library.
Call the library @ 657-3429 for more information.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Endicott Summer Reading Supporters!!!

Just wanted to give a special shout out to our awesome sponsors who helped support our Summer Reading programs in Endicott this year.

THANK YOU!!!--- Bob & Shirley Morasch, Darrell & Marilyn Bafus, Endicott Food Center/Jenny Meyer, Endicot...t Community Club, Mark & Kathleen Richter, McGregor Company, Sue Bafus, Thrifty Grandmothers, Tim Thompson, and Verne & Barb Strader!!!! We had some great programs this year and your help is truly appreciated!!!

Also, thanks to those who helped with our weekly programs---Bruce Porubek, Mr. Billy Ray, Palouse Discover Science Center, Kristin Bammes, Steve Vanvleet, and Katie Steiner from KHQ!

Yay for Summer Reading!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Lots of knowledge was gained today at our Summer Reading program! We started by reading the book "Oh Say Can You Say What's the Weather Today?" by Tish Rabe. Then we were lucky to have Katie Steiner from KHQ in Spokane come down and visit with us and teach us about the WEATHER! The kiddos were able to participate in learning about the water cycle and high and low pressure. Lots of participation, learning, and fun were had by all! Thanks Katie!

Friday, July 18, 2014


Our next Book Club will be held:
August 21 @ 7 PM.
We will be discussing the book:
"The Lace Reader" by Brunonia Barry